Elk Ridge was built in 1901. The old farm house was lived in up till the 60's and fell into total disrepair. Owner Dave Marshall bought the old farm and had plans to burn the old house as it was deemed "unsalvageable." Dave soon became compelled to revamp the house following the burst of the high-tech bubble in 2000 in which he sold his fiber optic & cable TV business and searched for a less stressful and non corporate way of life.

Dave's dedication to the ranch shines through in all corners of the house, from its individualized room decorations to the beautiful front and back yards to the golf course and vineyards.

The 1901 Bed & Breakfast offers a relaxing atmosphere with clean, comfortable rooms with bathrooms and showers included. The rooms have been named after some of the locals who were instrumental in the restoration of this old farm house. Ask about the Grand Lodge.....a 2003 Log home for weekly rentals!

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